Truephers Certified Ethical Hacking Certification

40 Hours of Summer Training’s Course Content

Each module contains subtopics in it, expand to see. The Time duration for this course is 1 month.

Truephers offers 40 hours of comprehensive entry-level Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security summer training course at Chandigarh, Mohali. Truephers make learning simpler by focusing more on practical than theoretical. There is no prerequisite for this course and there is no limitation to the person, who can join this course. You may be a teen, a school-going kid, a college student, an employee in any public-private sector, a technology lover, or a freelancer, who wants to acquire the basics and practicals of cybersecurity and ethical hacking at Chandigarh. We at Truephers impart students learning with the latest tools and most of the time is given to the practicals. In Truphers Certified Cyber Security Analyst (Level 1), we teach students the basics of Networking, Unix/Linux including all the basic to medium levels of ethical hacking and penetration testing.

Course Content

Digital Forensics

  • Introduction to Data Forensics
  • Data recovering
  • Permanent Data deletion
  • Windows Forensics
  • Events and Logs views
  • USB and Browser Forensics

Cryptography and Steganography

  • Disk Encryption
  • Image Steganography
  • Audio/ Video Steganography

Virtual Machines (VMWare, Virtual Box, KVM)

  • Introduction to Virtual Machines.
  • Installation of Virtual Box, VMWare, KVM’s
  • Configuration of Virtual Machines in detail
  • Networking in Virtual Machines

Kali Linux

  • Introduction to Kali Linux
  • Installing and Updating Kali Linux

Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Binder’s, and Crypter’s

  • Virus creation
  • Trojan/RAT creation
  • NetBus
  • Poison Ivy, Cybergate RAT
  • Binders
  • Crypters

Sniffing and Security

  • Wired Sniffing and Wireless Sniffing
  • ARP Poisoning
  • Wireshark
  • Cain and Able
  • SSL-strip

ATM Hacking

  • ATM Hacking and Techniques
  • Card cloning
  • Skimmers
  • Online Frauds

Passive Information Gathering/ Enumeration

  • Passive Information Gathering
  • Google Hacking Database/ Google Dorks
  • Netcraft – Web Server Information Gathering
  • Wayback Machine
  • Domain Name WHOIS lookup
  • Reverse hostname lookup

Google Hacking Database

  • Using Google Dorks
  • Finding files, and pages for a particular Website
  • Finding Open Cameras
  • Finding Routers
  • Exploit-DB GHDB
  • SHODAN (Search Engine for IoT)

Wireless Hacking and Security

  • Wireless USB adapters
  • Monitor mode and Promiscuous mode
  • WEP Encryption
  • WEP Password Cracking
  • WPA/ WPA2 Password Cracking
  • WPS Cracking
  • Using other graphical tools

Web Application Penetration Testing

  • Basics of Web
  • Understanding Web Protocols
  • Configuring Vulnerable Web Application for Learning and Testing
  • Burp-Suite
  • SQLmap
  • Cross-Site Scripting XSS 
  • SQL Injection and Broken Authentications
  • Insecure File Uploads
  • And Mitigations of all of the above

DOS Attacks

  • Ping of Death DOS
  • DDOS

System Hacking and Security

  • Offline Windows password changing
  • Windows password bypassing


  • Making Bootable Pen-drive
  • GNS3
  • USB Password Sniffing APK

Why Truephers’ Training

Government Registered Organization
Trainers are Certified Ethical Hackers
Online Practical Exam for Certification
Best Ethical Hacking Institute in Chandigarh, Mohali
Core Ethical Hacking, Nothing else
100% Job Assistance and Interview Scheduling
Lowest Fees but Unlimited Learning
Guaranteed Lowest Fees than others

Five Star Rating on Google
ISO 9001:2015 Certified Training Center
Full Satisfaction of Students Guaranteed
Any Time Online Doubt Clearance
Tailored made InfoSec Courses provided
Free Personality Development Training Session
No time limit for Practicing | Full-day Lab Access
Group Discounts | Learn with your Friends and Colleges

Trainers are Certified Ethical Hackers

All our trainers are experts in their niche. Learn from the Certified Ethical Hackers have vast Industry and teaching experience.

Highly Rated on Google

As we focus on quality and not the quantity of work and training that we provide. Our customers and students have been rated as a 5 Star Cyber Security Company on the most trusted platform of Google.

Goodies Takeaway


Students who clear the Exam with at least 70% marks get the certification + Goodies. If fails, he gets 3 chances to retake the Exam.


Students who enroll for this course get the latest version of free, trial, and community editions of tools, used during the training.


Students who enroll for this course get the latest version of Truephers E-book + other free e-books used during the training.

Full Job Assistance

Every Student Who clears the Exam gets full Job Assistance till he gets his first job.

Our Students’ Reviews

Ankesh KumarAnkesh Kumar
05:50 02 Jun 21
I had a great time doing this course, Loved every minute of studying and gained knowledge. Excellent value for money.
Amanpreet KaurAmanpreet Kaur
05:15 31 May 21
There is no better one than truephers when we talk about cyber security. Honesty towards work is commendable. The best and totally worth it!!!!
Prince SinghPrince Singh
06:26 27 May 21
great institute for beginners if you want to learn in advance about cyber security go there. i learn lot of things
Tavish GargTavish Garg
09:57 29 Mar 21
Being a Computer science student with specialization in cyber security. I can recommend evey one of you to prefer Truephers over any other institution In Chandigarh. You'll learn things from the very beginning instead of just jumping to The typical hacking algorithms knowing how a particular thing happened which will help you in far more manners than you could even imagine.The tutor is OWASP Certified and have a plenty of knowledge about the subject. I've learnt so many things here and all in a brief manner .
Harsimarpreet KaurHarsimarpreet Kaur
14:42 18 Jul 20
I joined the course in march , due to lockdown it was not possible to reach out there for offline mode , but they did efforts and made course possible through online mode . The efforts , the way of teaching, i love it . The most important is friendly behaviour of tutor , they understand you and you feel completely comfortable.Best 👌👌

Frequently asked Questions

Who should join this course?

This course is for those who at least have the knowledge of how to operate a Windows or MAC or Linux operating system and can read and understand the English articles and also listen and understand video tutorials and lectures available in English. The preferred time for joining this course is after your 10th standard and till you want, no upper age or limit for anything.

What this course teaches me?

This course teaches you the basics of fundamental things like networking, operating systems, applications, and ethical hacking to the intermediary things. This course builds a strong foundation for your cybersecurity career.

Can only this course get me a job?

As this is the level 1 course of cybersecurity, you would not get a job by only this course. To get prepared for a job in this field you must require the knowledge of performing penetration testing on systems and applications, that can be achieved by enrolling in our level 2 cybersecurity and penetration testing course.

Does Cyber Security have a scope as a carrier?

Post COVID-19 would be a Cyber Security era. Everyone during COVID-19 is making their business to run online, this must require them to make their businesses and clients make and feel safe online. There is a huge scope in Cyber Security as we can see that online hacking, online frauds, and online security awareness demands a lot of manpower. More and new cyber risks are evolving daily, and a lot of new attack vectors and malware or ransomware attacks are increasing daily. The more business went online, the more manpower it will require to comply with cyberattacks also 80% of cyber attacks happened on small and medium-sized businesses.

I want to join, what would be the whole procedure?

Your complete journey with us would be like this. Simply register online with us by filling out the online Google form and submitting the required documents at info [AT] email id and submit the INR 1000/- as a registration amount through our online payment page. We will contact you by email or telephonically to announce the batch starting date and timings. The classes can be online or offline at the student’s choice. The classes will be led by certified ethical hackers only. The classes can be from Monday to Friday for up to 2 hours or from Saturday & Sunday of up to 5 hours each day. You will be provided with a highly detailed and specially crafted book for your full course to make you more comfortable during learning. There would be an online quiz after completing each module. After completing the full course you will be asked for an online exam date. The online exam is the real way to find your ability to hack. You can email further questions on the online exam at info [AT] After the completion of the online exam, you will be rewarded with the Truephers Certified Cyber Security Analyst exam certificate. The learning penetration testing and cybersecurity would be great fun for you as the teaching is for us.

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