Truephers Online Exam Connection Guide

Download the file to the Desktop of your Kali instance and extract it over there. Now edit the OpenVPN file (TP-****.ovpn) with nano or any other text editor. Edit the server name and port number as provided in your registered email and save the file.

Run the OpenVPN file (TP-****.ovpn) with openvpn command in the terminal. And provide the username and password as provided in the regestered email id.

If the connection is successful, you will see the ‘Initialization Sequence Completed’ message at the last line, and just above it is your IP address from this connection.

Check the IP address you got by typing ‘ifconfig tun0‘ command in the terminal and you will see the IP address in the range –

Ping the target IP addresses you have provided in the email. If time < 500 ms then your connection to the exam lab is good to go, and if time > 1000 ms, then you can face some slow connection. Student should have broadband connection with speed more than 20Mbps.

Some more points that would resolve the connection and other errors.

  • Make sure you have a working internet connection on your Kali/Parrot-Sec instance. You can ping to quickly check that.
  • If ‘soft connection reset’ occurs many times, then make sure you type in the username, password, server name, and port number as provided in your email.


  • Adjust the timing templates in Nmap scan, for example when doing full port scan use -T1 or -T2 timing profiles instead default -T4 which is very aggressive.
  • Don’t brute force SSH, Telnet like services for accessing root or Administrator account.
  • Don’t use any network attack like MITM, SSLStrip, Responder tool attacks, router, and switching attacks, just focus on the listed target machines.
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